Rick Zanussi - Canadian Contracting Services

My family and I live on a water access island on Georgian Bay and we operate a construction company serving Parry Sound Muskoka on both islands and mainland.

Our boats are in the water from ice out through to ice in (and actually two stay in the water all year round)  We had Jay build the convertible top for our newest boat almost three years ago.

This boat is used by the family to access mainland and is one of the two that stays in the water year round.  I wanted a high top (we’re tall people) that could withstand 70 KM winds, freezing temperatures, snow and the hot sun.

His top does everything I expected and more.  You could not have a boat top in more extreme conditions than ours.  I heartily endorse not only his product but his long history in designing a top that “works”.

On the construction side, we have used him to provide vinyl covers for screen porches we have built, many again in some pretty harsh conditions out on the Bay.  Our customers are delighted with the extension of usable screen porch time in the spring and fall.

Again, adding usefulness and functionality.